Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I *heart* Snow Days!

Sleeping in, staying in pj's, lounging all day on the couch......what's not to love?
Ella has strep throat....(poor baby)....so she was extra snuggly today. Evan is always snuggly, so we had a great day. I am anxiously awaiting them to cancel school for tomorrow so we can have another one of these days......surely they will. (please, mr. superintendent!)
I am praying the power stays on.....if it goes out, the snow day won't be so much fun. Lots of Monopoly and Yatzee, I guess.
I'm worried about all the outside animals. How miserable this must be?! We put a heating pad out for our outside kitty (she refuses to go in the garage tonight) and she got right on it and got all cozy.
Stay warm!

I love this picture. (i know, i say that all the time)

My little honeys last year when we actually got snow, not just rain and ice.


Jen said...

Ooh la la! Love the pink and black! :) and snow/ice days too!!!